Thursday, June 25, 2015

Botanica, Waterwalk Fountains, & Keeper of the Plains! (Wichita Fun!)

Last Thursday, we did some fun stuff in downtown Wichita!! We started out at Botanica. In the summer they have $3.00 Thursdays and they have Family Game Night from 5:30-7:30!! What a deal!

We started out in the brand new Chinese Garden.

It was really pretty!!

Lily in the lilies!!

Next up was the butterfly house!!

After we left the butterfly house, we saw that they were setting up for Family Game night! they had giant sized games all over the place!

Then we finally (according to Lily) went to the Children's Garden.

We went to dinner after Botanica at Bill's Charcoal Grill on 29th & Arkansas. They have yummy burgers!!

Then we headed to the Waterwalk fountains for the fountain show! I am sad to say I had no idea there was a show there. Jeff did though!! During the summer the show is a noon, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00. It is set to music and lights. We went at 8:00, so we couldn't really see the lights. :0( It was still fun to watch and it last about 15 minutes!! The kids loved it!!

We decided since we were so close and it was almost time for the fire ring at the Keeper of the Plains, that we would go see that too. In case you don't know, The Keeper of the Plains is located at the convergence of the Little Arkansas River and the Arkansas River and was sculpted by artist Black Bear Bosin.

While we waited for the fire, we looked for the famous Wichita Troll. He is hidden under a grate on the walking paths by the Keeper of the Plains.

Jeff told the kids that after it got darker, it would glow green. They had to go back and check:

Finally it was 9:00 and the fire came on! it lasts for 15 minutes.

It's very cool to see!
Riley was the most impressed!
We had a fun night exploring our city!!

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