Monday, June 1, 2015

Cookie Decorating & A Zoo Trip!

We started out our Saturday with a free cookie decorating event at Cheri's Bakery! The kids all got a fish cookie, frosting, a candy eyeball, and then bags of frosting to pipe into the cookies. We went with Amy, Emma, and David. (David didn't get to decorate a cookie.) All of the kids had fun!!

Emma was so patient; when she finished her cookie, she said, "I can taste it now?" Lol!

After the cookie decorating, we headed to the zoo:

The kids wanted to go feed the sheep first!

This is my new favorite picture of Lily. (And with her favorite animal!)

Riding the barn "animals" is always a favorite. ;0)


Our next stop was the amphibian house.

We also checked out the newly renovated Jungle! It was so much brighter in there.

Vampire bats. Yuck!!!
(and then Jeff & Amy thought they'd be funny & scare me in the cave too....)

Emma wanted to see the monkeys, so that was our last stop.

It was a fun day!

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