Monday, August 17, 2015

Wine Making

I feel SO behind on this blog!! Hopefully I will get caught up since the kids are heading back to school on Wednesday!! :0)

Anyway, Jeff & I went to a wine making event at Grace Hill Winery. It was so fun!! It wasn't too expensive either. It was $25 each, you made the wine, & got a bottle of it.

Before we came, we were encouraged to email them a label we wanted on our bottle and they printed them off. We found our labels and sat down at a table.

They had three types of red and three types of white wines for everyone to taste.

Then you started mixing them until you find the taste you want!

You also have to do math. :0/  You write down the measurements you use in your glass, then you have to multiply them and make them add up to the amount that will fill the bottle. I made Jeff do my math. ;0)

Then you take your equation up to the wine people and they make your wine!

You get to pick your bottle color, the foil that goes around the top, and then they cork it for you and put your label on for you. I chose this color because I thought it would go well with my label. It's a picture of Lily I took when she was little. :0)

Jeff picked a blue label because that went well with the picture from St. Maarten that I took a few years ago.

Us in front of the vineyards.

It was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again!!

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