Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Size Candy Land

A few years ago, the library did a fun life size Candy Land game. I remember the kids had so much fun, so I thought I would recreate it with my kids and their cousins. I made all the pieces big and then set them up in my sister Mary's basement.

Sorry these pictures are not in the order of the game. I just took them as I was going, and I'm too lazy to try to put them in the right order. :0)

So, this is Queen Frostine's Ice Cream Sea:

Candy Castle, where you win the game!!

Lollipop Forrest:

Lord Licorice's Castle:

The Molasses Swamp:

Peppermint Forrest:

Gumdrop Tree:

Grandma Nut's House:

Gumdrop Lane:

The whole board:

 We had to split the kids up because there were too many! Here are the little kids going first:

Then the older kids:

It was a lot of fun!!!

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