Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finishing Our Summer Fun List!

We officially finished our Summer Fun List last Saturday, and not too soon. The kids start school tomorrow!! There's a few photos so, I'm just going to throw the rest of our summer fun list into one post. :0)

We had cousins come into town, so we went to Exploration place with them and cousins who live here too!

Then we had our annual Outdoor Movie Night at my mom & dad's. My sister Kathleen & I got all kinds of snacks & popcorn, then we set up the projector and watched Big Hero 6!

My niece Rachel had a princess tea party that Lily went to. She had a ton of fun!!

While she was there, the boys and their cousin Johnny played Laser Quest!

We checked Glow Golf off of our list a few weeks ago too!

Lily finished he Summer Skills Workbook!! She was very proud of herself!

We bowled a lot using Kids Bowl Free. Just sign up and the kids can bowl 2 games once per week. The only cost is the shoe rental, but that's only $2.00 each!

The kids enjoyed egg shell painting again this summer. mainly because they get to throw the eggs....

Jeff found several Geo Cache's for the kids to do. They love following the GPS to find the "prizes" and leaving new prizes.

We also went to the zoo a few times. The kids always enjoy that!

I still have to post about our Mini Vacation, but that deserves it's own post.
We have had a fun filled summer, and now we're (or at least I'm) ready for a fun filled school year!!

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