Monday, October 12, 2015

Baby Shower!

A few weeks ago, I threw my friend, Wendy, a baby shower. This is her third child, but her other two are 6 and 10, so she didn't have baby stuff anymore.
The colors for the nursery are gray, teal, and coral. She had a baby girl the Monday after the shower!!
My sister, Mary, made the cake:

I made a cute pennant out of gray, teal, and coral scrapbook paper.

I found little chalkboards at Michael's for the food:

"Babies" in a blanket; half of a hot dog wrapped in a crescent!

We also had a headband making station where everyone made headbands for baby Kinley!

After everyone got there, I forgot to take anymore pictures. :0(
But Wendy had a great time and got lots of cute gifts!!

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  1. I like the Babies in a Blanket and the Make a Headband station!