Friday, October 9, 2015

Chief's Sideline Experience!

A few weeks ago, Jeff got invited to go down to Houston and watch the Chiefs play The Texans by a vendor of his. I got to tag along and I was excited because we also got to hang out on the sidelines before the game!
When we got down there, we realized that my brother Pat, who lives in Corpus Christi was in Houston for the same game!! So we met up with him and his girlfriend Cynthia at a bar to chat before we went out to dinner with the vendor (Paul) and his wife.

In the morning, limo picked us up and we had mimosas on the way to the game! 

When we got to the stadium, we had a catered breakfast, and then we were able to go out onto the sidelines to watch the players warm up.

Right before game time, we had to go up to our seats. We were on the club level!

At half time we met up with Pat & Cynthia again!

The best part was that the Chiefs won!! :0)

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