Friday, October 23, 2015

Candy Bouquet Tutorial

Riley's friend (and my friend's son) Britton, was in Junie B. Jone's The Musical. Instead of buying him a bouquet of flowers, we decided to get him a candy bouquet!
This is how I made it:
I started with 4 big boxes of candy and one small box. These were my base.
Then I bought small candy bars in various brands.
I also needed a glue gun, lollipop sticks, tissue paper, and floral Styrofoam.

I lined up the boxes how I wanted them.

Then I glued two of the sides to the bottom box.

Then glued the other sides on.

Next, I hot glued the candy on to the lollipop sticks. I used different sizes so they would stand up in different heights.

I cut the Styrofoam up to fit into the middle of the base.

My next step was to cut out squares of tissue paper....

Stick the bottom of the sticks through it....

Then hot glue the paper to the stick:

Finally, I stuck them into the base at different heights:

Britton loved it!!
It was also pretty easy to make, so I think I'll be making more!

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