Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Svensk Hyllningfest

My mom, 3 of my sisters, one of my nieces, and I all attended the Svensk Hyllningfest (Swedish Festival) is Lindsborg, Kansas again this year. My mom's family comes from Sweden, so it's fun to go and explore that part of our heritage. :0)

The parade is fun to watch with it's floats:

This float said: Dalas are a girl's best friend!

It was the festival's 75th Anniversary.

After the parade, we hit the craft booths, then headed to the Swedish pancake demonstration. We saw these kids playing this giant chess game on the way. :0)


Yummy pancakes!!

Dala Horses are all over the place. This one was outside the senior center. ;0)

Amy, the bibliotek. (Librarian)
(It's an inside joke) ;0)

We had lunch next. I had two Swedish dogs. Yummy!

Then we went back to the main square and watched the Swedish dancers!

My Mommy and a Dala Horse:

All of us (Dianna, Amy, Rachel, me, & Kathleen) by the giant Dala!

It was a fun day with family!!

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