Thursday, August 13, 2009


The other day on the news, I saw a story about a website called g2g outside (the address is ) They give parents ideas to get their kids outside and playing. Normally they have just had the website with ideas, but last night they held their first program. It was at the Great Plains Nature Center. Kids got to come and fish or hike for an hour.....and it was free! We chose the fishing, since I really didn't see hiking with Lily. They provided the poles and bait and had people out there helping. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it.

After we got the hooks baited, thankfully not by me, we went to pick out our spot. Zach wanted to fish by know, because he's 6 and really old.......

Lily wanted to fish by herself, because you know, she's 2......

She did finally let Daddy help her though.
Riley was OK with help from the start.
One of the helpers came up to Zach to see how he was doing and he started asking her questions about the stuff in the water. I'm glad he asked her, because it looked like slime to me, but she got down there and was helping him pull stuff out and explaining what everything was. I loved how patient she was with him and how she answered question after question for him. She was great!

Finally, Riley caught a fish!!!
Look how excited he is! =)

Then we just had to wait until Zach caught one. I say only Zach, because by this time, Lily was all fished out. She had found the one spot of concrete and sat down on it...because really, why would she want to sit in the grass??? Definitely my girl. =)

Zach finally consented to letting Jeff help him.

Then he caught one!!! Yeah!

Then Lily tried to touch it......maybe she does have a little bit of her Daddy in her......

After we were done fishing we went back to the front where they had water and snacks for the kids. If you did the fishing clinic, you got a free kids tackle box! Then they had the drawing for the prizes and each of our kids got something!! On the way home I asked the kids what their favorite part was. Zach said catching the fish, which Lily quickly echoed, and then Riley said, "The snack!!" then thought, "Oh and catching the fish too..." What a silly guy. =)
The g2g people said that they will continue to have outdoor activity ideas on their site throughout the winter and they will try to have more fun free activities that they sponsor next summer. Yeah!!!

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  1. How fun!! I love the sunflower pictures below too.