Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Joys Of Having A 2 Year Old

Last night I had left a tub of butter on the cabinet so I could make grilled cheese for the kids. I walked out of the room, heard Lily pulling a chair away from the table and thought she must be trying to get something out of the cabinet. Knowing she can't open anything, I didn't rush in there......I should have, because when I did walk in there (maybe 2 minutes later because I hadn't heard anything from her) I saw this:

So I went to get my camera.....because I'm that kind of mom. I was grossed out by the fact that she was eating plain butter, but not enough to stop her before I took a picture apparently. =)

After I took a picture however, I started to take the butter away & she yelled, "It's MY butter!" then stuck some in her mouth.......eeewww!

I said, "That is yucky Lily!" She said, "It's YUMMY!"
Ahh, two year-olds, you gotta love 'em!


  1. Super Sweet Picture of Lily Pants! My boys like plain butter too...YUCK

  2. Hahaha!! That is so something that would happen in our house too.

    2 yr olds are gross.