Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tree Climbing

Zach's favorite thing to do at my mom & dad's is climbing the many, many trees they have. If you don't know where Zach is, look in a tree.

So when my dad came in the house last week when we were over there & said that Lily wanted her picture taken in a tree, I thought I had misheard him. But, when I got out there, she climbed up this tree to have her picture taken.

Don't worry, she wasn't actually that far off of the ground.
And Granddad was standing next to her the whole time.

Then I made Riley go stand in the tree so I could take a picture of him.....

which he promptly climbed out of after I took the picture.....he's not much of a climber. =)
So now I have two climbers in the family......great.....=)


  1. So cute.

    I love trees like that for taking family portraits. It totally looks like they're way up high until you show the entire trunk.

  2. Maybe she has a little tomboy in her! Cute pics! I loved climbing the trees, just never liked trying to figure out how to get down after I had climbed to high.