Monday, August 31, 2009

Sheep & Giraffes

I took Lily to a sheep class at the zoo last week. Lily had fun, even though she pretended like she is the shyest person on earth....which she is defiantly NOT!

During the class, the kids got to feed the sheep. Lily was super excited about this......

.....until one "bit" her. She wouldn't go near them after that.

This is her telling me one of the sheep "bit" her hand. I think it actually just nibbled on her. =)
After the class, we met my sister Mary and two of her kids and Riley (she was watching him for me since the class was for two year olds.) at the front of the zoo. We noticed they were feeding the giraffes. I LOVE to do this!! I know I have posted pictures of this before, but I just love how they stick their long tongues out!!

Riley had a blast feeding them......but this is as close as Lily would get after her experience with the sheep.

After we were all out of branches, one tried to lick Riley!

If you've never fed the giraffes, you should!

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  1. Oh how fun! We've done the giraffes before and the kids loved it.