Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Art Projects

Here are some of the art projects we have been doing around here lately. I am sure we will do lots more next week, especially since Zach will be out of school and he LOVES to do art, but here are the ones we have done so far.

This one was super easy.....I just bought foam stickers from Michael's. Still counts as an art project though, right? ;-)

Another thing we made was wreaths. Just a small paper plate with the middle cut out, cut up pieces of green paper, and red glitter glue for the berries.

The kids liked this one the best. Anything using their hands and/or feet is funny to them. =)

The next thing we made was Santa faces with cotton balls.

Then we decorated paper gingerbread men.

Poor Zach only got to make two of these things since we seem to be SUPER busy in the evenings running to meetings, Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, and Boy Scout stuff. All fun and good things, they just have been keeping us busy. So, hopefully Zach can catch up next week. =)

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