Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zach's Birthday Sleepover

One of the things that Zach got to do for his Birthday was invite a friend over for dinner, Lunar Golf, and spend the night. He chose his new "best friend" Cody.

After Jeff finally came home, we headed to Lunar Golf.

The boys had a lot of fun and Cody even won a prize when he hit his ball into the prize hole!!!
Then we stopped to let the boys pick out a movie and to get hot chocolate to go with the brownies we had at home.
Jeff made a fire and the boys settled in to watch their movie.
After the movie, they got into their sleeping bags.
We only heard laughing and talking for a little while, then all was quiet........until this morning. =)
Zach had such a good time with Cody!
After a family party on Sunday, treats with his class and dinner out on Wednesday, and a sleepover last night, I think we are finally done with Zach's Birthday. ;-)

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