Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Field Trip & Parties

Yesterday and today were busy days at Zach and Riley's schools.
Zach had a field trip to the Museum of World Treasures, and Riley had his class Christmas party yesterday.
Jeff went with Zach & I went with Riley (and Lily).

We have never been to the Museum of World Treasures before. Jeff said it was interesting and that Zach enjoyed it.

This is one of the things he got to see!

While Jeff was there, I was partying with Riley and Lily. =)
After some yummy snacks, Santa came by to hand out presents!!!

Lily was super excited and was the first in line to sit on Santa's lap......even though it was not her class party......

Riley couldn't even wait for Lily to get down. He just jumped up on Santa and gave him a BIG hug!

We finally got him to stop hugging long enough for him to turn around for a picture.

Then today was Zach's class party.
They made Santa magnets for an art project.

Then Santa showed up here too!!! He is SUCH a busy guy! ;-)

Every child got a present from Santa.

After Santa moved on to another classroom, the kids got to dig into their snacks.
Both boys (and Lily) had fun at their parties.
Now they are off until January 5th!

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