Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sledding and Snowballs

It snowed on Christmas Eve, but we didn't actually go play in it until Sunday....3 days later.
The boys were SO excited. We had been telling them for days that they could play in it, but everyday was either way too cold or way too busy with Christmas events.
Finally by Sunday it was not as cold and we were not busy.
We usually take the kids to the park by us, but the little ditch right down the street actually had more snow in it, so that's where we headed.
The boys jumped right on their sleds.

Lily went with Jeff.

She went down a few more times with both Jeff & I, and then said, "I'm done!"
Here she is walking in the snow (which she thought was funny) and her idea of a snow angel.

Riley had a lot of fun sledding!!

Zach went sledding, made snow angels, and threw snowballs. He was definitely trying to get everything into one outing. =)

Here are all of the kids throwing snowballs at Jeff....

he even stood still for Lily & Riley. Such a good sport. ;-)
We got even more snow last night, just as the old snow was finally melting.
So, the boys are off to the backyard to play in it again!!

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