Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Closer.....

Christmas is less than a week away!
We lit all four candles on our Advent Wreath tonight.
The kids were very excited about this. It means that Christmas is really, really close.....and it means they get to blow out four candles when it is their turn.
It's amazing how important that is. =)

This week I plan on doing a lot of Christmas stuff, but I want to try to slow down and enjoy it more than I did the last week. Last week was so jam-packed with events, that I didn't have time to just enjoy it.

I started today by doing a little baking and taking the kids to a special storytime at the library where they got cookies, hot chocolate, and take-home art projects.
When we got home, we watched The Polar Express, and wrapped presents to Jeff from the kids.
(Jeff was taking a much needed break in KC with his brothers to watch the Chief's game.)

Other things I am going to try to accomplish this week before Friday:

More baking.....
reading Christmas stories....

listening to Christmas music.....

wrapping a few more presents....

watching Christmas movies.....

and doing more art projects.....

with these three cuties.

We still have parties at school with both boys, the house needs to be cleaned and I have some laundry that is piling up, but hopefully all of us can just enjoy each other this week.
Have a GREAT week!!

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  1. I remember fighting over blowing out the advent candles. :-) Hope you can take things easy this week! Remember, whatever doesn't get done, didn't really need to be done anyway (laundry) ;-)