Monday, January 4, 2010

"Helpful" Lily

The other night Lily was eating ice cream.
We told her to tell us when she was done and we would clean her up.
She knew that we would probably use a wet wipe to clean her up.
So, instead of calling us, she decided to help us out by getting "one" herself.
We heard her yelling in the hallway, 'I just got one! I just got one!"
This is what we saw when we walked in there:

She was very proud of how "helpful" she was.

Two year-olds are so helpful......
I am throwing this picture in because I think it is SO funny.
She dressed herself up like this. She said she was a "crazy pirate".
Then she said she was funny.
Definitely takes after her brothers in the silliness department. =)


  1. What a crazy muppet! LOVE the crazy eyes.

  2. Hehehe! As I said before, it would help when they got in trouble to not take pictures of thier cuteness. ;-)