Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is It Really Worth It??

I often wondered when I was little and went out to play in the snow with my brothers and sisters, why my mom would tell us that if we were going out, we needed to be sure that we wanted to be out for awhile.

Now I know why.

I have three reasons myself.....and while that is a far cry from the nine that my mom had, it still makes me sigh when the kids get so excited to go play in the snow. And I wonder to myself, "How long will they actually be out there? Is it worth it?"

Getting kids ready to play in the snow is a big ordeal.

First we start with putting on footie pj's.

Then we move on to pants, sweatshirts, and boots.

Then finally, coats, hats, and gloves........starting to see what I am talking about??

And if that weren't bad enough, you have this to clean up afterwards:

Wet clothes, coats, boots, mittens......and a very wet floor.
So, each time it snows and the kids start to ask when they can go out, I often wonder, is it really worth all of the time and effort?
And it usually only takes me a few seconds after we are outside to remember, "Yes! It is worth it"
Just look at these three enjoying the snow:

Even if they are out in the snow for a short amount of time. =)
***Thanks mom, for thinking it was worth it.....even if we were out for only a short time*** =)

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