Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Art!

On Monday, I decided to try out a cool trick I saw in a magazine; frozen bubbles!
You are suppose to be able to blow bubbles in temperatures below freezing and the bubbles will freeze.
But, when I went outside to see if it would actually work, the bubbles just floated away. =(
So, we decided to do bubble art. All you have to do is put food coloring in a bottle of bubbles and then blow the bubbles onto paper. When the bubbles pop, there are splatters of color on the paper. Since my kids eventually spill, and it stains, I usually only do this outside. I looked at all of that white snow we still have and thought it would be a perfect "canvas".
So, we headed outside to blow bubbles. (Thanks Aunt Diana & Uncle Sam for the bubbles!!)

Lily did not last long. She did it a few times and then said she was too cold. She sat inside the warm house and watched us.
The boys had a lot of fun splattering color all over the snow. (We used blue, red, and purple.)
They did spill some, but that actually worked out because it just made the snow more colorful!
Then I noticed this:

and this:

Frozen bubbles!!!
They were so amazing!! They just sat on the snow!
When you touched one, they wouldn't really pop. They just kind of broke.
Here is a popped one on the snow and then Zach trying to hold a popped one.
It looks like broken glass.
The boys had fun looking for the frozen bubbles.

Since our snow is still out there (and probably will continue to be out there since it is SO COLD!!!), we still have our art work!!

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