Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Riley got to go to his first New Year's Eve party last night!!
He partied it up with his cousin Alyssa (who is the same age).
They graciously let Alyssa's younger brother, Johnny, party with them. =)
(Thanks Mary for the picture!)

While Riley was having a great time over at Mary's and staying up till midnight, we had a little party of our own with Zach & Lily.

We bought noise makers (regretting that one now....) and party poppers.

Then as a special treat the kids got to drink sparkling grape juice from champagne glasses.

Then they got to eat junk food while watching a movie.
If you noticed, I did trade Lily's champagne glass for a kid's cup.
Zach liked drinking out of the "fancy glass" and loved the way the juice bubbled and tickled.
This is what Jeff was doing......

preparing the meat he is smoking today for our New Year's Day party we are having with family.
He does a great job smoking meat! It is YUMMY!!
He did have to get up at four this morning though to start it.
This picture is NOT at is more like 9:00. =)
And it is COLD!!!

Zach stayed up until 11:00 (he thinks he stayed up till midnight). We let him watch the ball drop in New York and he popped some more poppers and Jeff & I drank real champagne.
I thought Jeff was going to go to bed then since he had to get up so early, but we did stay up until midnight, which was a good thing since Riley called us to wish us a Happy New Year!! He sounded so tired, but he also sounded like he was having a great time!! His highlight? He got to drink juice!! He kept telling Jeff & I that he got to drink juice. =) Such a funny boy.
I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and have a great 2010!!

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