Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Art Projects

It is COLD outside!! So, we have been doing winter crafts around here lately.

First we made cotton ball snowmen.
(Order of pictures: Riley, Zach, Lily)

Another fun project were these popsicle stick snowman.
I painted craft sticks white and the kids used foam, puff balls, glitter, pipe cleaners, and cloth to turn them into snowmen.

These are Zach's.

These blue ones are Riley's......I know, shocking that he would use mostly blue. ;-)

I helped Lily make these.

We also made popsicle stick snowflakes......

and hung them up in front of the sliding glass door.

Our last project was making footprint snowmen.
Lily & Riley LOVE having their feet painted.
It tickles!!

Aren't they cute??
Try to stay warm out there and have a good weekend!!

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  1. Okay, those are just adorable. You're such a great mom!