Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DaNcE PaRtY!!

On Monday we were invited over to my nephew Camden's 2nd Birthday party.
It was a Dance Party!
My kids were super excited about it
Lily even wanted to wear a "party dress".
When we got there, their basement was all decked out in streamers and balloons!

Here is the Birthday boy and his Mama dancing away.

Even though Lily was excited before we got there, she suddenly turned shy and would NOT dance. =(

Doesn't she look sad?

She had fun playing upstairs with Granddad though.

Zach and Taby had some great dancing moves.
They were even twirling each other!

Everyone had fun dancing....even the adults!!
Thanks Dianna & Blake for a great time!!
Happy Birthday Camden!!!

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  1. Great pics Jenny! Love the music you chose for the blog :0)