Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lily Wants To Tell You:


Yep....Jeff finally talked me into it....2 1/2 years of wearing me down. ;-)
OK, that might be exaggerating a bit. =)
But he has been asking every once in awhile since she was born.
We were at the mall anyway, so we went to see if they could do both ears at once.
They could.
Poor Zach was beside himself....even trying to talk Lily out of it by telling her they stick a needle in her ear.
He was SO upset that she was going to hurt.
Such a sweet older brother. =)
I assured him it would only hurt for a little bit.
He didn't look like he believed me.
Lily on the other hand was super excited!!!
She picked out the earrings she wanted and happily sat on Daddy's lap while they marked her ears.
(If you are wondering what Riley thought....he didn't. He was happily slurping down his pop. Not a care in the world. So funny.)

Here is Lily waiting for her ears to be pierced......unsuspecting of what is about to happen.

Here she is getting her ears pierced......

....and here she is not too happy that she has them pierced. =(

That's also when the pictures stopped, because the mommy in me had to pick her up and hug her.
Look at that face!!!
She was fine right after she picked out a sucker & sticker though.....
By the time we got home, she was all smiles again!!
She thinks she looks pretty cute. (We do too.)
Want to see the earrings she picked out?

Little pink flowers.
Such a girl!
And in case you were wondering, Zach felt better after he saw that Lily was really OK.
Lily is pretty lucky to have such nice big brothers to look out for her.

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  1. What a pretty princess and brave girl. Tell her I like her new earrings she chose!

    -Aunt Dianna