Friday, February 19, 2010


That's how Riley pronounces the word "Snuggie". =)
When the Snuggies came out, my sister Amy really wanted one....just not enough to actually order one.
My mom thought she could probably sew one up for her.
When Riley found out, he wanted one too.
He asked for one every time he saw the commercial.
So, my mom made one for Amy, Riley, and Zach.
(and ended up making them for most of the grandchildren.)
Only she made theirs better than an actual Snuggie, because there is no opening in the back.
It just slips over your head!
Here are Amy, Zach, and Riley in their toasty warm Snooogies.

Lily was too little to have a snooogie when my mom made these.
So she made her a blanket.
Well, lately Lily has been seen wearing Riley's around the house.
Only Riley's is way too long for her.....and she likes to go up and down the stairs with it on.
Not real safe.
So, my mom made one for Lily too!!

Lily LOVES it!!!
She has been wearing it ALL the time!
She wears it while playing:
While reading:

While eating:

And she insisted on having it on for nap yesterday:

No she doesn't sleep with a big smile on her face...she is pretending to acting not in her future.... ;-)
Thanks Grammy for the great Snooogie!

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  1. Cute Snoogie Lil!! I can't wait til I get my snoogie for my birthday!! Which by the way is next week if you were planning on getting me something ;0)