Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Story Time

Lily & I go to Story Time at the library almost every week.
And every week she sits and quietly listens to the stories.
But, whenever it would be time for a song, dance, or finger-play, Lily would curl up in my lap and hide her face.
She actually is pretty shy around people she does not know.
But, for the last few weeks, Lily has started to come out of her shell and she has started loving the dances and songs in Story Time!!
I took my camera today to show how excited she gets.
It is really cute to see how happy she is.

Her FAVORITE part of Story Time has always been BUBBLES!!
They blow bubbles to the kids at the end of each time.
Even though Lily really likes Story Time, she actually prefers to do this:

She can't wait until Story Time is over & we can go do puzzles until it's time to pick Riley up from Preschool.
She also loves to hug this giant giraffe.

Her other favorite thing at the library wasn't there today though, so I don't have a picture. =(
It's her Aunt Amy who is the Children's librarian at the Central Library.
But we get to see her a lot, so it was OK. =)
While it was fun to take Lily before, it is really fun now that she gets so excited!!

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