Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun Night!

Last night was Fun Night at All Saints, where Zach & Riley go to school.
They have lots of fun games to play and Lily, Riley, and Zach had a blast playing everything!!

They have a cake walk every year.
This is the cake I brought....'s also the cake the kids picked out when they won one...... =)
They brought home two bags packed full of prizes!

And they won fish again this year.
Zach won three and Riley won one.
Zach was a nice big brother and gave one of his to Lily.
They named them Thunder and Mario (Zach's), Humungasaur (Riley's), and Princess (Lily's).
We were prepared this year and had the tank all ready before we even left for Fun Night.
Lily LOVES these fish!!!

She is not such a good sharer....
This morning she said that ALL of the fish were hers and NONE of them were "the brothers".
She says the fish love HER.
I don't think "the brothers" agree with her.
We all had a good time at Fun Night and it raised a lot of money for the boys' school. Yeah!!

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