Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#10: Cooking

So far this summer, the kids have helped me cook chocolate chip cookies and banana/chocolate chip muffins, but I thought this next "cooking" project would be more fun to blog about.

Jello Oceans

We used gummy lifesavers, gummy fish, teddy grahams, and berry-blue jello.
First we made the jello.

Then we poured the jello into glass glasses so we could see the blue "ocean".

We put our glasses in the freezer and let them set up half-way.
Then we added the fish to our oceans.
They floated about halfway down the glass and looked like they were swimming.
While we waited for our jello to set up the rest of the way,
we put our teddy grahams in their life preservers.

When the jello was completely set, we added the teddy bears to the top.

The kids thought they were YUMMY!

These were a big hit with my kids and easy for them to help make!!

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  1. I have never seen that awesome!!