Monday, June 21, 2010

Lily & Ares' 3rd Birthday Party!

We celebrated Lily & her cousin Ares' third Birthday on Saturday.
Ares turned 3 on Sunday, but Lily won't turn 3 until next Sunday.

Here is my Birthday Princess:

And here are the Birthday kids:

We had a Princess/Dragon theme.
The girls all got tiaras and the boys all got crowns.

We even had color your own shields!!

My sister Mary made Lily's cake.
Are you seeing a pattern where I don't make my kid's cakes...
and why would I when I have a sister who can do this:

She made a beautiful princess castle....

complete with Lily's very own princess cake.


My niece Karen (Ares' aunt) made this cute dragon cake for him.

Super job Karen!! You are such a great aunt!

After a yummy lunch, the kids sat down to open their presents.

Lily got lots of cute clothes, shoes, princess things, My Little Ponies......
and Ares got lots of dragons, art supplies, bubbles, etc.

I think they both took in a pretty good haul. ;-)

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake!

Lily enjoyed eating her own personal cake.

Well, actually she basically just ate the icing, but hey, it was her party. =)
Thanks Ares for sharing your Birthday with Lily again this year!!
Lily had a lot of fun with you!!

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