Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#2: Sprinkler / Slip N Slide

The first thing we checked off of our summer list was:
#2. running through the sprinkler.

Lily is not a fan of the sprinkler.
So while the boys were having fun doing this:

Lily was doing this:

Hanging out on the deck.
We tried the slip n slide, thinking she would like that better.
The boys LOVED it!

not so much. =)

She preferred to stand at the bottom of the slip n slide and splash in the water.....

the boys did not appreciate this.....
since they couldn't go down while she was just standing there.
So she went back up to the deck to chill out with a popsicle.
Hopefully she will like swimming better than the sprinkler.
I KNOW the boys will! =)

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