Friday, June 18, 2010

# 3: Water Balloons

Number 3 on our summer list is water balloons.
Water balloon fights are more fun with lots of kids.
Not just Zach & Riley.
Right? ;0)
On Wednesday, I was watching 5 of my nephews.
I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to fill up our balloons.

We filled up over 80 water balloons!
It took Riley and I about 30 minutes to fill up this laundry basket.......

.....and it took about 5 minutes for the all of the balloons to pop. :)

But they had fun in those five minutes!!

The two youngest weren't as crazy about this idea as the older ones.
Lily would have NOTHING to do with it.
Poor Camden got hit once, gave the person a dirty look, and decided he did NOT like this game.
But the older boys had a lot of fun!
Thanks Cooper, Carson, Camden, Cody, and Kael for coming over to help us check off one more thing on our summer to do list!!

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