Sunday, June 6, 2010


On Saturday, we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium.
We got season passes last summer.
We have been wanting to go again since then.
We just now got around to going......a month before our passes expire.
At least we got in one more trip.
Zach invited his friend Cody to come with us.

As usual, we MUST pose with the statues.

Lily thought she was funny, sticking her head in the alligator's mouth.
Silly girl. =)

Inside, they have a huge viewing area where you can see all kinds of fish!
The kids love this part.
Their other favorite part?
Touching the sting rays and sharks!!

After that, we went around to look at the other exhibits.

Then the turtle feeding station was open!
They put little pieces of fish on clothespins connected to long sticks.

The turtles snap up the food FAST!

They have a whole section where you can look at sharks.
BIG sharks.

This time when we went, they had a new exhibit open.
You could touch shrimp and crabs.

Those shrimp would jump up at you.
I thought Lily was going to have a heart attack when one jumped up at her!
I was surprised that she touched the crabs after that!
We all had a fun time at the aquarium.
I am glad we got in one more trip.

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