Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fishing, Horses, and Four-Wheeling

Or as my kids would call it: The Perfect Day.

On Sunday afternoon, we headed to my cousin Phil's house with my brother Bill & Sister-in-Law Tonya.
After seeing how the horses where Lily likes to take a walk ignore her, Bill thought we should all go to our cousin's house where Lily could pet the horses!
We could also go fishing in their pond.
And as a surprise, the kids also all got to go for a ride on a four-wheeler.

We started out fishing:

Lily caught the first fish!
She is quickly becoming an expert fisher!!

Not too long after that, Riley reeled in his first fish!

Zach gave up on fishing for awhile when he found out that he could ride on this with his cousin Blake.

When Riley saw that, he just HAD to have a ride too!

The boys loved it!!

Then the horses walked over to where we were:

I think Lily was a little intimidated by their size close up.
They were such sweet horses though.

Zach had no fear of the horses........
which isn't exactly a great thing.
We had to tell him several times to not walk behind them.
He had fun petting them though.

Riley was on the four wheeler when the horses came up & they had left by the time he got back, so he didn't get to pet them.
He did get to see them though & hopefully next time he can pet them too.

Even Lily got on the four wheeler with her girl cousins (Corey & Morgan).
I was surprised because she does not usually like loud noises or riding on my dad's riding lawnmower (like all of the other grandkids). But she wanted to ride this. She even went twice!!

When Bill caught a fish, he had his feelings hurt that I didn't automatically take his picture like I did with the kids. ;-)
So here you go Bill:

Yes, he is kissing his fish.

Then he gave it to Zach, who carried it around for awhile......

and had Lily touch it.......

Finally Zach got back to fishing and caught a fish too!!

It was a beautiful day to go. The weather was perfect!
Thanks Bill for the idea!
The kids had a lot of fun!

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  1. Yea How Fun! Can you ride his horses?