Monday, October 4, 2010

Lily's New Favorite Walk

Lily has a new favorite place to take a walk.
We usually just go around our neighborhood.
But the other day, she wanted to go towards the new neighborhood behind ours.
I usually say no, because there are always lots of construction trucks.
But most of the houses are finished now, so we decided to check it out.
We have been back a few more times.
It is the only way she wants to go now when we take a walk.
She is always really excited to run down this sidewalk.

She knows right where the sidewalk that surrounds a little pond is.

And this is why Lily likes to come this way now:

She gets so excited!

She really wanted it to come closer, but it wouldn't even look at her.
This is her saying (very indignantly), "He won't neigh at me!"

Then we cross this little bridge....

to see the cows!

It cracks me up that we have horses and cows behind our house......
in the city limits of Wichita.....
It makes for a fun walk with Lily though!
She loves to sit and watch them.

Here she is "mooing" at them.

We walked around to get a closer look,
but they walked away from us.
This is Lily telling me that she can touch the fence if she wants too....
I told her otherwise....

After seeing all of that, she likes to sit by the pond and check out the ducks.

She kept quacking at them, but they didn't quack back.
She said they weren't nice like Granddad's ducks. =)

The final thing Lily likes to do is head to the little playground.

Then we head back home, telling the ducks, cows, and horses goodbye.
I am sure we will be taking this walk a lot this Fall.

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