Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Activites!!

We have been busy doing lots of fun Halloween activities!!!
Last night we went to Jeff's Grandma's to Trick-or-Treat early.
The kids got lots of candy & then they got yummy cookies & juice.

There were also fun games for the kids to play!

Thanks Great Grandma for inviting us!!!!

After we left there, we went to "Halloween Street".
We love to go every year & look at all of the cool Halloween decorations.

Today, we went to the library to the Books & Spooks Halloween Carnival.
The kids got to play more fun games!!

They also got their faces painted.
(By their cousin Lindsey who was volunteering!!)

Their was a fun game where you had to stick your hand up a troll's nose.
You either got a trick or a treat.
After seeing someone's hand get slimed (the trick), Lily refused to stick her hand up there. Both boys stuck their hands up the nose & both got slimed!!! (Riley way more than Zach) They got to stick their hands back in and get a treat though. =)

Then the kids sat down for story time with apple cider & treats.

Thanks Aunt Amy for telling us about this!!!

We have had a few fun packed days and are more than ready for Halloween to be here!!

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