Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Time!

We headed off to Walter's Pumpkin Patch on Saturday.
We have been going to Walter's since Riley was 6 months old!
This is Riley on his first trip to the pumpkin patch:

Look how little he was!!

Zach had been to pumpkin patches before this, but here he is at his first trip to Walter's:

He was almost 3 in this picture.....
Now he's really big. =(
But still cute. ;-)

And just for fun (because it wasn't our first trip here),
This is Baby lily on her first trip to Walter's:
Doesn't she look excited???

Back to this year......
We went with my sister Amy.
It was so much fun!!
We did all of the old favorites;
Boo Mountain Slide, train rides, punkin'chunkin',
jumping pillow, and of course picking pumpkins.
We also got to do some new stuff;
Zach rode on a zip line & we went through a corn maze!

Here are our pictures from our day:

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  1. Glad you had so much fun and that you had as nice as weather as we did! Short sleeves in Oct...yes!