Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great Halloween last night!
Lily dressed up as a witch.
She insisted on being a pretty witch.
Which, to her, meant she HAD to have pink in her dress.
Luckily we found even lit up!
She also got to get matching pink shoes and put on some lip gloss and sparkly eye shadow!
We think she was a very pretty witch!

Riley had decided early on that he wanted to be Mario.
He saw this costume & couldn't wait to have it on!
He thought the mustache was funny......
until the end of the night.
He wasn't too crazy about it then.

It looks like I decided what they were going to be since they match.
But I did not have anything to do with this decision.
Zach wanted Riley to decide what he wanted first so he wouldn't be the same thing as Zach was. (Last year we had two ninjas.....)
But when Riley chose Mario, Zach decided it would be fun to be Luigi!
I thought they chose the perfect costumes!

Here they all are saying,
"Stop taking pictures! We're ready to go out and Trick-or-Treat!"

They had a lot of fun and got more candy than they can eat!

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  1. I love how you decorate your pictures and "write" your kids' names on each one. Such a great idea! :)