Monday, November 15, 2010

Zach's Big Idea

Zach is selling popcorn for Cub Scouts.
If a scout sells $600.00 worth of popcorn,
they get a Marshmallow Crossbow.
It is a play crossbow that you stick big marshmallows in & shoot them at people.
These are all boys ages 6 - 10 or so.......
so you can see the draw of this particular prize.
Zach has reached the $600.00 goal. (and more!)
Yeah Zach!! I have to deliver all of that popcorn.......
Anyway, on Saturday, Zach was thinking of ways he would use that marshmallow crossbow.
Here are two of his ideas:

In the top picture, he is on one side of a big fire in our fire pit.
Riley is on the other side with a catcher's mitt & a big bowl of chocolate and graham crackers.
He is going to shoot a marshmallow into the fire at Riley.
Who will presumably catch it.
Then Riley is going to put it on a cracker with chocolate.
Instant S'mores!

In the bottom picture, Zach is again on one side of the big fire.
Lily is on the other side & he is going to shoot a marshmallow through the fire......
straight into Lily's mouth.....

Clearly there might be some safety issues with both of these ideas.
But, they are fun ideas!! ;-)

Zach never ceases to amaze me with what goes on in that brain of his.

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  1. Hilarious!! Tell Zach I REALLY like his idea!!

    Aunt D.