Saturday, November 13, 2010

Riley & The Tooth Fairy

On Thursday, Riley came home sporting a very loose tooth.
It was his first loose tooth ever.
He was super excited about it!
I think he told Jeff & I about it approximately 5,236 times.
Give or take a few.
There was already a new tooth coming up behind it.
Jeff & I both tried to pull it for him since it was so loose.
He did NOT want us to pull it.
He said he wanted it to "Come out naturally".
Riley cracks me up. =)

Then after school on Friday,
he came running towards me.
"I PULLED my own tooth!!!!"
So much for it coming out naturally. ;-)
But he was SO proud of himself.

Then he reminded us 5,326 times that he had lost his tooth at school.
He could not wait for the Tooth Fairy to come.
When it was bedtime, we put his tiny tooth (in a baggie) under his pillow.
At 5:45 am, Riley came into our bedroom, put his face in Jeff's face, and said,
"The Tooth Fairy came and left me a dollar. My tooth is gone and I have a special Tooth Fairy dollar!"
We told Riley congratulations.......and to go back to sleep.
Thankfully he did. =)

Congrats Riley on loosing your first tooth!!


  1. I can Totally see Ri putting his face up to Jeff's and announcing what he found! I like that he thinks it is a "special tooth fairy dollar" :0)

    Congrats Ri!