Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Art Projects 2

Yesterday, we had our second Thanksgiving Craft Day.
Johnny came over to help Lily make turkeys!
The first turkey we made was a hand turkey.
We let the kids pick which colors they wanted the feathers.
Then we painted those colors onto their fingers.
We put brown paint on their hands & thumbs for the body.
Then we placed their hand on the paper.

When they were dry, we let the kids add googly eyes.
They also used crayons to add a beak, waddle, and legs.

Look how cute they turned out!

The next turkey we made was a hand and foot turkey.
We painted the kids hands two different colors for the feathers.
Then we painted one of their feet brown for the body.
We added googly eyes and construction paper beaks & waddles.

I think we are officially ready for Thanksgiving now!


  1. those are the cutest turkeys i've ever seen!


  2. Oh my goodness those are cute!