Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Craft Day!

Yesterday, Lily, Camden , and Johnny made scarecrows and turkeys!
We started off making the scarecrows.
We needed these things:

Paper bags, glue, googly eyes, leaves, a marker, and construction paper.
I pre-cut hats, noses, bow ties, and hair.
If they had been older I would have had them cut them out themselves,
but these little guys are just 2, 3, and 4. =)

They got to gluing on their faces, hair, and hat.
Then they added a big smile!

After the glue was dry, we stuffed them with newspaper and taped the bottom shut.
Here are our cute scarecrows:

Seriously....best picture out of quite a few pictures...... =)

Our next project was turkeys!!
Here are the things we needed for this craft:

Feathers (I found them at Walmart), googly eyes, and construction paper.
Again, I pre-cut out turkey bodies, beaks, and waddles.

First they got to spread glue all over their paper!
So much fun for these little guys! ;-)
Then they put their feathers on, made their turkey bodies, and glued them onto the feathers.

I think they turned out pretty cute!

We are planning on doing more Thanksgiving crafts next week too!


  1. YEAH for Craft Day!! So glad Camden and I could make it this time! You always have the cutest ideas and are so thoughtful to let us join in on the fun!


  2. Camden was so excited to show me his turkey (which was actually his scarecrow) the other day! Cute crafts. :-)