Thursday, February 3, 2011


That's what the kids said when they got to play in the snow after school today.
They watched it snow Monday night and all day Tuesday.
Then they looked at it all day Wednesday.
It was just way too cold to go out in it.
It was even too cold this morning still, but by the time the boys came home, it wasn't too bad, so we headed out.

There is a lot of snow on our deck!
Poor Lily had a hard time wading through it.

We also have a lot of drifts in the yard.
We have spots with no snow at all, and then spots where the snow is up to the kids' knees!

This snow is not very pack-friendly, but somehow Zach got a snowball out of it.

Don't worry.....
Riley got him back.

This is right before I told Zach to NOT throw those at me.

Lily is such a big helper!

Silly Riley.

My three snow angels. =)

They didn't last too long out there.
It's still pretty cold!
Is it sad that I am looking forward to 30 degrees tomorrow? ;-)

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