Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Art Projects

With all of the snow and Lily being sick this past week, we did not get in a Valentine Craft Day like I wanted. Even though she still has a yucky nose and a cough, Lily is starting to feel a lot better, so today we got crafting!

While I cut our hearts for another project, Lily used foam stickers, crayons, and glitter glue to make this picture:

Heart Bugs!
Then we moved onto making a heart wreath.
I cut out the middle of a paper plate & lots of hearts!
Then Lily put glue all over the plate.
Yes we usually do crafts in a princess dress......
don't you?

Then she stuck hearts all over the wreath.
I added a ribbon to hang it with.

Our last heart project was making hearts with paint and heart shaped cookie cutters.

I just put paint on paper plates (easy clean-up) and let her put the cookie cutters in the paint and then onto the paper.

She really liked this one.
She made several pictures, this is just one of them:

All of these are pretty easy to do.
Lily really didn't need my help at all!
We are going to make Valentines too, but we have to wait for the boys to get home so they can make some too!

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