Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lily has a lot of My Little Ponies.
A lot.
She has ponies of all colors and sizes.
She LOVES them.
Recently, I have noticed ponies in odd places.
I notice this at least once a day.
I thought it was funny.
So, I started taking pictures of where Lily's ponies were throughout the house.

I found her ponies on the blinds in the family room one day:

(There is a window in the dining room where the princesses hang out.....)
I found these two tiny ponies on the chair rail that goes around the family room another day:
I have found these ponies on these candles several times.
They must like it there.
And yes, it is always the same three ponies.
I was putting some of her kitchen stuff away one day and found some ponies eating a hot dog in the microwave....

...and these ponies in a bowl....
on the stove....
with a spoon....
I'll let you decide why they are in that exact spot....
But the funniest place I think I have found ponies was here:

One night, I pulled back the covers in our bed & found two ponies.
I have a very silly little girl. =)

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