Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

On Thursday, the kids had their annual Cinco de Mayo dance.
Every class has Spanish class at least once a week with Senora Nicholas.
Every May 5th, she has a program where the kids can show off what they have learned.
They sing songs in Spanish and dance to them!
This year, the kindergartners sang three songs.
Peter Rabbit, The Moon, and The Chicken Dance.
Riley got to be Peter Rabbit!

Then he got down doing The Chicken Dance!

It was so cute!

They walked around in circles singing, then they would stop and do the chicken dance.

Riley would make sure he stopped right in front of me so I could take his picture.

It didn't matter how much he should have moved over to stop. :0)
He's such a ham!

They also did a great song singing a sweet song about the moon.

After the 1st graders sang, it was time for Zach's class!
His class did a dance to the song Rocky Top.

Zach is also a ham.

I had to stop taking pictures, because he would move up from his line to make sure I could see him. :)

Both boys did a great job!

Here are some videos of the boys dancing!

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