Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim McGraw

Way back in February, Jeff bid on tickets (and a night at the Hotel Old Town) at the boys' school Fun Night.
We won the final bid!!!
So, we got to go to the Tim McGraw concert last night. =)
I was SO excited!!!
I LOVE Tim McGraw!!! =)
I knew our tickets were kind of far up, so I brought my nice camera to take pictures.
There was nothing on the tickets saying I couldn't.
But, when we got there, they told me that my camera was a professional camera, so I couldn't take it in. (boo!!)
So I made Jeff take it all the way back to the car.
And he did, because he's a good husband. =)
So, even though these pictures are horrible (taken by my cell phone), I'm going to share them here because the concert was so fun.
Here are Jeff & I before the concert.
This was the best out of like 5 pictures.
We apparently can't figure out how to take a pictures of ourselves with the phone.....

The two acts before Tim came out were really good. They were The Band Perry and Luke Bryan.
Then, Tim McGraw came out!!!!

(Yes....I know, these pictures are really bad.....)

It was a really good show though.

Jeff & I had so much fun!!!

Thanks Jeff for getting us these tickets!!!

(Thanks mom for coming over & watching the kids so we could go!!) =)

Now we need to plan a time where someone is willing to watch the kids overnight so we can use the night at the hotel.

Any takers??



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  1. Glad you had fun! Maybe they can spend the night with thier new Uncle Sam and I at the condo so the boys can see I'm not that far away. :-)