Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bikes, Ducks, and the Playground

Last week, Camden invited Lily to ride bikes and play at a park near his house.
The three year-olds graciously let their mommies come too. =)
The bike riding didn't last too long (for Lily anyway).
She quickly realized that Camden was a lot faster than she is and decided to run to keep up with him. =)
She doesn't like to be left behind.....
Camden showed us the blue bridge where he gets to feed the ducks and geese:

Lily wasn't too crazy about these giant ducks.

These baby ducks were too cute!

After all of the crackers were gone, they hung out on the bridge.

Then we all headed back to the playground to have some more fun!

Thanks Camden (and Dianna) for a fun afternoon!!!!

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