Monday, May 9, 2011

Lily's New Ride

Lily had graduated from the little "baby" bike (as she was calling it) and had moved up to the bigger bike with training wheels.
The only problem (to her) was that the next bike was distinctly a boy bike.
Lily is a girly-girl, and she was not fond of riding the boy bike.
She had to prove to us that she could pedal the bigger bike, though before she could have a new girl bike.
Well, she had gotten pretty good on Riley's old bike, so we went to the store to pick out a new bike.
We let her pick it out herself.
She went full on girly-girl.
I don't think there was a girlier bike there!

Pink: check. Princesses: check. Streamers: check. Princess purse on the front: check. Cute little bell: check. Hearts on the wheels: check. Flower pedals: check

Yep, it doesn't get more frou-frou than that! :0)

But can she ride it???

It was a bit bigger than the bike she had been riding, but we decided that she could fit on it and it would last her longer than the smaller size would.

She was a little afraid at first because she was higher off of the ground, but then she got the hang of it!

Here is a short video of her riding her new Big-Girl bike!

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