Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sprinkler Time!

While the kids were riding their bikes/scooters Friday evening, I turned the sprinkler on to water the lawn.
The boys took that as,
"Mom really wants us to take our shirts off and run through the sprinkler!"

Well, it was pretty toasty out there, can you blame them??

Lily's not too fond of the sprinkler.

She walked in the puddles in the street and occasionally got a few drops on her.

Zach thought it would be funny to get water from the sprinkler & then spit it out.....

The boys had a lot of fun!!

Lily, saw how much fun the boys were having & decided to try to be brave.

That didn't last too long.....

She thought it was fun though!

On Sunday, we decided to get out the fun sprinkler (and their swimsuits).

Riley got this for his Birthday, so he was excited to finally get to use it!

Lily decided to just go down the wet slide.

After awhile this started to happen:

Which led to this:

Which lasted awhile.

Crazy boys! :0)

I have a feeling they will be wanting to do this again soon!

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